Kindergarten- Grade 5


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Family Devotional

Parents, we encourage your children to sit with you in church and then all of you are invited to be a part of the children's message after our main service. (We will post a video here if we are online-only that week.) We even have our weekly Grow Guide for you to use for further discussion throughout the week!

4/5 Multiply Groups

We believe that the best and most life-changing discipleship happens in the home. That's why we want to partner with parents by offering parent (or caregiver*)/child small groups for grades 4/5. Each group will be led by a trained and background-checked leader and will focus not only on the spiritual growth of the child, but their relationship with their parent/caregiver as well.

*A caregiver doesn't have to mean you live with the child. You can be a grandparent, aunt/uncle, neighbor, friend, etc. as long as you have the permission of the child's legal parent/guardian.