Kindergarten- Grade 5


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Family Devotional

Parents, on Sunday mornings we welcome your children to sit with you in church or participate in our Children's Ministry. We even have our weekly Grow Guide for you to use for further discussion throughout the week! On weeks that we're unable to gather in person, we'll have a family devotional right here waiting for you!

4/5 Multiply Groups

We believe that the best and most life-changing discipleship happens in the home. That's why we want to partner with parents by offering parent (or caregiver*)/child small groups for grades 4/5. Each group will be led by a trained and background-checked leader and will focus not only on the spiritual growth of the child, but their relationship with their parent/caregiver as well.

*A caregiver doesn't have to mean you live with the child. You can be a grandparent, aunt/uncle, neighbor, friend, etc. as long as you have the permission of the child's legal parent/guardian.