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For more information about how we decide on classes/events, scroll down below.

What we believe about events at Multiply

If you couldn't tell by now, we're a different kind of church. You'll never see tons of events here. We believe that God didn't call us to be event planners. We believe that YOU are capable of creating get-togethers with friends, service projects with your Multiply Group, and neighborhood outreaches. After all, you ARE the Church!

What you'll see us host are Next Steps classes and our 4G events. Read more below!

Next Steps classes

If you are new to Multiply and are curious about who we are and what we believe, you'll not want to miss our next Multiply the Mission class.

If you've completed that class and are ready to learn about why we gather in worship and grow in community, then definitely sign up for the upcoming Gather and Grow class!

And if you've taken that one and are ready to learn about why we give generously of our treasure and time and go and multiply followers of Jesus, then get registered for our next Give and Go class.

In each of these classes, you'll learn more about how to get connected to our amazing God and with other believers who can help you on your journey. Join us!

* It doesn't really matter in which order you take these classes, so feel free to sign up for whichever one is next!

4G events

We want to keep things simple. Since you're so capable of scheduling the awesome little things, we want to focus on the big things. So each year, we'll organize and host 4 events that line up with our strategy to gather, grow, give, and go.

Gather: Gather Worship Night

Grow: Grow Conference

Give: Meal Packing for Haiti

Go: Go Discipleship Training

Keep an eye on this page to see which event is coming up next! We'd love to have you be a part.