Multiply Groups

Multiply Groups are small groups of people gathering together, asking questions, learning about God, and having fun!

Groups will be offered as 8 week sessions, 4 times a year. Group enrollment is open during the months of: March, June, September, and December. We do this to protect the integrity of each group for their 8 week session.

During each 8 week session, each group is expected to encourage one another to GATHER in worship on Sundays, GROW deeper with God during group time and throughout the week, GIVE of their time by serving somewhere together on our FORth Saturdays #FOR614, and GO multiply followers of Jesus by praying about who they can personally disciple.

If it is currently an open month, you’re in luck! Take a look at what is currently offered and get registered before groups are filled up! Or, if it’s one of our closed months, be sure to register for our “Seed Group” for people who are new to Multiply.