High School

Grades 9-12


High school is a time when we need to be training and equipping our teens to grow deeper in their faith and to become firmly rooted in a biblical worldview. This will best prepare them for the world they are about to enter on their on. Check out these excellent resources to help you do just that!


On Sunday mornings we welcome teens to sit with their families or the person who invited them.

We also have a weekly Grow Guide for you to use for further discussion about the message throughout the week!

Multiply Groups

We want to invite high schoolers and their parents (or caregivers*) to join a Multiply Group. Check out when and what groups may be opening soon!

*A caregiver doesn't have to mean you live with the child. You can be a grandparent, aunt/uncle, neighbor, friend, etc. as long as you have the permission of the child's legal parent/guardian.